There is no doubt that video games are becoming more and more realistic with each new release. Action-realistic games like Rockstar’s GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and gory games like Resident Evil and Doom are known for showing immense violence. But do games like this have a real influence on people?

A connection between violence in video games and aggressive behavior

While there are many studies that show results on both sides of the spectrum; video games cause violence and aggressive behavior in teenagers or they don’t, it’s an eternal debate. But the fact remains, in today’s world most competitive video games are indeed violent. Think Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, PUBG and so on. But that is nothing new, video games have been violent ever since they became a thing. Maybe you look at gaming as a way to vent, and that’s okay. But maybe, just maybe, it’s not about the content of video games, but the problem is in the mindset of the person playing it. I mean, there are loads of videos online in which people break their computers, consoles, and keyboards because they lost an online match. This is indeed aggressive and violent behavior, but in most cases, it doesn’t go further than that. However, when talking about already mentally unstable people, it’s a different story. They are much more susceptible to violent behavior and it doesn’t take a lot to trigger them. For example, maybe there was a particularly gory and flashy scene in the game, and it just triggered something in a person’s brain making them want to hurt themselves or someone else. It’s a crazy world, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were instances of this.

There have been some cases where violence in video games has been directly connected with real-world violence. For example, there was a report of household violence in which a teenager used an ax to break down a door because “it looked cool in the game“. That’s just one example I can remember, but I’m sure there are many more such instances.

So in conclusion, just as video game addiction, it all depends on the person and how susceptible they are to violent behavior.


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