Maybe you can’t get your degree only by playing video games, but they definitely can help. Read more about learning through video games in this article.

Which areas you can explore through video games?

There are literally thousands of different video games out there and each of them are covering different subjects. Through them, you can explore areas such as history, geography, music, art, sports and so on. But how much can you actually learn through video games?

Games help you to become walking Wikipedia

If you play sports games such as FIFA, PES, NBA, and similar, you can indeed learn a lot about sports that are covered by these games. In FIFA, PES, and Football Manager, there are thousands of football players that exist in real life. Although their skills cannot be measured perfectly, you can get an image of their strengths and weaknesses. If we compare football fans that don’t play any football video games to those who do that, gamers would definitely know more names and footballers than non-gamers. So, when it comes to sports, these games can really expand our knowledge.

However, sports is not the only sphere where games can help us a lot. Some military strategy games can expand our knowledge of geography. They often have maps with the names of countries and their borders represented. So, by playing video games, we can learn about cities and countries we never heard of before.

But, that’s not all. Games such as Assassin’s Creed are not there only to intrigue us and make us interested in history, but also to help us to learn something about the past of our civilization. Although Assassin’s Creed is not 100% historically accurate, it’s based on true events and characters that actually lived centuries ago. So, by playing Assassin’s Creed, you can learn a lot about the American, French and Industrial Revolution, as well as Renaissance, Borgia family, Assassins order that really existed in the 12th century and so on.

In conclusion, playing video games for a reasonable amount of time can only help you to relax and learn something new. They can also help you to understand better our past, present, and future as well as other cultures and to get rid of prejudices that we all have.


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