Being a good PVP player in World of Warcraft is no easy task really. You may think that just because the game is not skill shot based that it’s easy to be the best and just plow through every enemy player you see out in the world. But that would not be the case. If you really want to be good in World of Warcraft PVP, you have to gather both the knowledge and skill necessary to defeat your opponent at any given time. And today, I’m going to help you with just that, so sit tight.


Having a good knowledge of the game and its mechanics is necessary to be a good PVP player. For example, you need to know what abilities and skills your opponent has, you need to know how long the cooldown is on those skills, you need to know whether or not their PVP trinket is up, etc. You can’t be a good player unless you know absolutely everything about your opponent. If you’re playing Rated Battlegrounds, it is mandatory to know how synced the opposing team’s classes are. Having a good strategy in RBGs is very important, as well as communication with the rest of your team.

Keybindings, Skills, and Rotation

Now, let’s talk about keybindings. World of Warcraft is a game where each player has a ton of skills and abilities available to them to utilize. If you want to be a good PVP player, you must know how to correctly use all of them, and in what order. This is what we call a rotation. Having a good rotation mostly depends on your keybinds. You can’t just go around clicking your abilities with your mouse and using your keyboard to turn your character. Use your mouse (right click + left click) to move your character, and your keyboard + mouse buttons to use your abilities. If you do this, I guarantee that your results in PVP will improve drastically.


Using a WoW RBG Boost or WoW Arena Boost

If you’re a relatively new player, the best way to learn everything there is in PVP is to watch others play with you. For example, the service I personally liked the most was BoostArmory’s WoW RBG Boost and WoW Arena Boost. I have, multiple times may I add, ordered a couple of these services, and every time I learned something new from the professional players over at BoostArmory. And keep in mind that I’m a veteran World of Warcraft player. That only serves to show that even after years and years of playing the same game, you can learn something new with the right resources. And that right resource is BoostArmory!


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