My Runescape Career

Started playing Runescape in 2004 and went away for few years after that.

In 2009 I came back into the game and started playing daily after school.

Runescape was my daily motivation to get past the school hours, get done with the homework and then start grinding on RS for the 99s.

Days, weeks and months passed. Even years later I was still addicted to the game. Then came the release of Oldschool Runescape.

Why was Oldschool Runescape released?

After immense demand from the RS players, Jagex was somehow forced to release the 2007 version of the game again for the players to enjoy the oldschool version.

The launch of Oldschool Runescape

Players were excited and confused at the same time. Why? This was because the new oldschool version of runescape would mean you have to start fresh in terms of the skill levels and bank. The gameplay will start fresh from the tutorial island. All the XP gained, wealth made and quests done will remain in the RS3 version aka EOC.

Anyways, the time passed. Everyone started grinding on the OSRS as soon as it was released.

Most of the players rushed towards the stronghold of security to grab the 10K coins reward from the chests.

Guess what happened next….?

We witnessed people selling that 10K for real life currency while others were seen exchanging that 10K gold for the RS3 Gold. This is where the gold swapping industry started.

More and more people started swapping and exchanging their oldschool gp for RS3. Hundreds of swapping clans and FCs emerged out of no where out of which majority were there to scam only.

Players swapped billions of RS3 gold for OSRS gold because of its hype and the love for the 2007scape version.


How can you exchange your RS Gold?

The only legit and trustworthy rs gold swapper I experienced in my runescape’s career is ZedRS. Its been 8 years and they are still alive with the same legacy. Just imagine the dedication and motivation is required to operate a gold swapping website for 8 years without a single scam report.

Yeah you read it right. I just started playing OSRS again after a few years break and found out that ZedRS was still operating with the same level of service as I got back in 2013. Top quality service with the best rates in the game. The one and only gold swapper I will recommend for your RS3 to OSRS gp swap is ‘ZedRS’ . I just found out that they have a reddit community too which can be found here.





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