Professional gaming (Esports) has developed as one of the biggest industries in the modern world. Although it has the name “Electronic Sports (Esports)” it’s questionable if we can consider professional gaming to be a real sport.

Is physical activity necessary for gaming to be sports?

Whenever anyone mentions that professional gaming is actually a real sport, there is always someone who says that it cannot be real sports because gamers just sit and do nothing. They “only” move mouse and press keys on their keyboards, hence it’s not and it can’t be a sport. But, these people often forget there is also shooting sports where players don’t have any particular physical activity. Basically, athletes in shooting sports have the same set of skills and abilities as Esports players.

They need dexterity, great vision, calmness, and good coordination of hands and sight. These are all skills that high-level Esports player possess. So, the argument that mentions a lack of physical activity is weak.

What about competitiveness, tactics, strategies…?

Apart from physical activity, Esports has all elements of sports such as football, basketball, tennis and so on. Games like CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, and others have literally hundreds of tournaments with thousands of players.

Each game is highly competitive and each game has different aspects such as tactics, strategies, mental strength, teamwork, and so on. So, basically professional gaming is more similar than different to the real sport. On top of that, you can make a fortune as an Esports player if you play at a high level.

Again, people who don’t agree with us would say – yes, but Esports promotes violence. Well, this is maybe true, but what about Box, Kick-Box, Wrestling, and other sports? They definitely don’t promote peaceful arguments and problem-solving.

“But, Esports is not healthy”, they would say. But is a professional sport really healthy? There are so many high-level athletes who suffer from different conditions because of great physical and mental exhaustion. Unfortunately, we even see football players dying on the pitch for the same reasons. Apparently, too much of both Esports and sports can hurt. But, playing sports and Esports for a reasonable amount of time can be beneficial.


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